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    Anton de kruif

    Welcome to my new website which in a new century. By pressing on the logo with flag you can follow my site in Dutch.


    The images displayed on this website aren't suitable for children.

    The purpose of my website

    This website is meant to process these things. This process is still going on. Both physically and mentally. And to bring out a story with far-reaching consequences for me. I want to bring light on what the effects are on the living conditions in this kind of situation. Rehabilitation from a longterm COMA and how they treat you as a O.P.S. (Organic Psycho Syndrom) person.


    I can imagine that after reading and see everything on my website is mentioned, this questions and responses. I see these forward. You can respond via email or guestbook which can be found under the button contact.

  • About me

    "COMA is different for everybody, because everybody has had the blow on another spot and not everybody's brain is the same"

    On august 4 1996 (just before my 21th birthday) I got hit while riding on my motorcycle, and have been in a longterm COMA. On my 21th birthday I was in a very critical situation in the Academic Hospital in Utrecht. This website is meant to process these things. This process is still going on. Both physically and mentally. And to bring out a story with far-reaching consequences for me. I want to bring light on what the effects are on the living conditions in this kind of situation. Rehabilitation from a longterm COMA and how they treat you as a O.P.S. (Organic Psycho Syndrom) person.

    For the accident

    Just before my accident is was in a good shape, I trained hard and kept it up. I was very social and had a lot of "friends". I was lucky I had a muscular body at the moment of the accident. So it catched up the hit. I was in the army and trained about 5 days a week (I finshed the K.M.S. Infantery training that's why I became a N.C.O.). After I had finished my pre-university education I wanted to do the become an Officer After my service in Sina. I was very motivated to finish my pre-university education

    More about the accident and recovery


    The Mornings


  • Coma


    When my accident happened around 4 am in the night from Saturday to Sunday August 4th,1996, the police brought me in an ambulance to the A.Z.U.(U.M.C) I was told that if my accident would have happened during the day I would have been transported by helicopter to the A.Z.U ( Due to heavy traffic on the Amersfoort-Utrecht highway) Once arrived at the A.Z.U. the medical team discovered high pressure in the brain.( Due to this brain surgery was unthinkable.) Because of this it was decided to keep me in an artificial coma till my brian pressure would reduce. Because I did not wake up, i was "written off" at the A.Z.U. And I was transferred to the Medium Care ward. Thankfully my mother read an article about a Coma clinic, which was facing possible closure, the Charlotteoord,(Now renamed the Leypark) in Tilburg. My mother called Tilburg with the request for information of possible therapies to be send to her. The answer she got was that that was possible but that I could be admitted as well. They just had a vacant place. Once at Charlotteoord, i underwent (quite against the advice of the A.Z.U., a very good and effective) a very fantastic rehabilitation! I in turn have been able to help Charlotteoord in a great way. I was indeed a very "official" accident- the police had been able to see my severe accident very well- and they were extremely surprised that such a good rehabilitation had taken place. This too, helped cause a lot of media attention for my case.

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  • Papers

    Newsletter AC Nijkerk

    Articel in the newsletter off activitie centre AC Nijkerk 2012.


    In the Health and Racquette Pellikaan magazine was an article about me.

    Weekkrant Amersfoort

    Interview in the Newsmagazine Amersfoort woensdag 14 november 2012.

    EO Vision

    An article from Vision.

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  • Per Accident

    Antony in the program from EO on 11 maart 2008.

  • The real story

    What really happened

    The real story about my accident. The first spot is what the police told in the media, the second spot is the real story. (A total different story)

    What the police announced in the media.

    Anton also at the talkshow Jensen on TV in relation to surveival Leijpark.

  • More Media


    Henk Eilander

    Anton together with Henk Eilander on TV in favor of the pre-existence of Leijpark.

    By accidence

    Anton in the program "Accidental" from the EO on 11 march 2008.

    You will but have

    Here two pictures of the program

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  • Media Videomaterial 1

    You will but have!

    "You will but have" a program of BNN that will be shown next year. This is a part of what we did: At 10:00 we were at the Bernhard Karzerne (Militairy base) arrived in Amersfoort, I was "riding" (like the real thing!) We were in a trailer behind the car. But with a camera man in the car, and the Showmaster and I were on a motorcycle, which was on a trailer. Then we went to the obstacle course, and it started raining pretty hard. Then we went to the Kabouterhut (restaurant) there we had lunch. And then we did the obstacle course at the Bernhard. Then we went to the gym, and there we rowed on the rowing machine. Finally we went to the church (Hoeksteen), where I go to church every Sunday morning! This episode can be seen below:

  • More Media Videomaterial 2

    SBS 6

    Also an entry about me has rotated SBS 6 which can be seen below.

    Heart of the Netherlands

    Later there was a man in Poland, which is very long (19 years) in Coma would have located. Here was my response to Easton and asked to me.

  • More Media Videomaterial 3


    Anton also at Jensen on TV in connection with the surveival Leijpark.


    The picture on the left site shows ware my video starts.

  • Contact

    If you wish to contact me you can send an e-mail to the adress below. I can tell you story's about my rehabilitation and other personal activities i had before my accident and now.



    Anton de Kruif


    Also write something in myGuestbook.

  • More about the accident and recovery

    The accident

    The police from Amersfoort was doing a casement of a stuffier drunk person. The police thought he was doing heavy arm dealing. On that moment he was not guilty on that. But he drunk a lot of alcohol. Over 2 promille and on top of that also not properly insured and driving a car that was not his and not insured. I drove on a 2-lane road and the perpetrator came from a small road in the Soesterkwartier (quarter of Amersfoort) On that road are traffic lights, only as it was late in night they didn't work anymore. On the junction it is obvious you have to slow down. This man just kept on driving, because he knew he was being pursued. I was driving there because I was heading home from a (former) friend. We had been going out in Hilversum en had a good night. As my mom came back from her vacation and I wanted to tell her something important I decided to go home. I did not drink while I was out in Hilversum. Harry K.(the police officer in the head of the pursuit) and his colleague where in the police car when I was hit on my motorcycle. According to the police officer the perpetrator caused another accident a two years later, also caused while he was very drunk. This time not a motorcycler but a cyclist. Again he got a (ridiculously low) punishment with community work employment. Only a couple of ours more because of the homicide he caused this time!

    The recovery

    My mother told me that the mediacal staff of the hospital in Utrecht (A.Z.U.)thought that it was very dubious if I went through my first weeks of COMA alive because of my high brain pressure. After 4 weeks of my COMA the doctors said I would stay in it, in a more later stage they predicted I would be paralysed on the right side of my body for ever. When I was transfered from Tilburg to the Charlotte-oord, they shined a bright light in my eyes. My reaction was to close them. After that I was officially "Out of COMA". The Charlotte-Oord was a centre for people up to 25 years old. Unfortunatly it has been closed because they had to economize, there is still a centre for people of all ages with COMA and other forms of brain damage with mainly the same therapists (Lelyparc). I liked the Charlotte-Oord and I think my rehabilitation went so wel because of the good start! I went to Tilburg for a couple of months and then moved to a rehabilitation centre close to home (Doorn) where I had rehabilitation for 2 more years. In fact as a military I fell directly under the M.R.C. The M.R.C. is physiotherapeutic very good.

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  • Faith


    I wasn't raised a Christian because the family of my mother were Convinced-Protestants and the family of my father Roman-Catholic. I went to a Montessorie school (Pallas Athene in Amersfoort) and religion was your own choice. My childhood was without any religion, i also haven't been baptised. When i went to Sina for the army i had to go to Isral very often. If i was there i always lived in the assumption of:"If there is something, show me!" When i had my accident the police immediately put me in the ambulance and took me to the A.Z.U. (that's what is was called back then) where a very experienced team of doctors predicted that i would have a lot of luck being able to stay alive (because of the high brain pressure) the first weeks of the COMA. After those weeks they predicted that i would be paralysed on the right side of my body and stay in a COMA for ever. In spite of my heavy accident, that even got a police officer in shock, and my relativly good rehabilitation of a longterm COMA i'm sure there is "something". I made the choice, when i lived on my own, with a good result, to have myself baptised in a Together on the Road Church.

    Part of cornerstone newsletter d.d. 17 July 2011

    My name is Anton de Kruif. Unfortunately, I am not at all Christian brought up. The only ones in whom I heard something about the Christian faith were the parents of my mother. There I learned also the our father! I find the cornerstone a very good Church! In the past I have taken my grandmother several times. Unfortunately my grandmother 1 ¾ years ago. I'm now well over a year at another Church, the door. The average age is younger in comparison with the corner stone! Pastor leads the Clock (for me) to better understand what services.Also be held two services on Sunday, totally different from each other and another service held on Wednesday evening. I am very happy that the municipality collaboration the cornerstone was my first true Church! When my rehabilitation went very well in relative terms, I always went to the geloofuurtje on Wednesday night, given by a military or by a chaplain or pastor. With best regards, Anton.


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  • The Mornings

  • Grateful

    At first i would like to say that i'm very positive about de Pellikaan because i can improve my sportactivities and other physical difficulty's there. Because sporting is good for the circulation of the blood your brain functions better. When i was in the army i trained a lot too (that's why my neurologist thinks i'm this good recovered from my heavy accident). I'm very grateful to the “Charlotteoord” at Tilburg because of the good results we had in the primary fase of my rehabilitation. To my great satisfaction a new COMA clinic (Leijparc) opened after the closing down of the Charlotte-oord. Also i'm very grateful to "de Regenboog" foundation, they showed me a better view after my rehabilitation of my current cognitive qualities. Finally i'm grateful to the Cerebraal foundation because they put me in contact with people who have the same thing (There are a lot of people with brain damage, everyone with another form). I also want to thank NAH-Info for the publicity for me and the persons who have gone through the same thing as me. This is a very usefull site for me and them.


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